Film Program Coordinator

Fall 2012 - Present

Class taught:

Introduction/Intermediate Filmmaking, Stop Motion Animation, Movie Editing, Screenwriting, Making Music Videos, Voice Over Acting

Age range:  8 years old to adult

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Learning While “Playing”

Something I have discovered through teaching junior high and high school level students, but that I believe applies to learners of all ages, is that the best way to learn is to do so without realizing it. With today’s YouTube and web content heavy world, students' attention spans have shortened. It is far more difficult today for a student to sit and listen to a lecture, especially with a computer of their own directly in front of them. This is why I believe in hands on learning. I like to give students exercises that create fun environments where students can learn how to use cameras, lights, story, etc. Then, after completion, we talk about how these exercises apply to the fundamentals of the various forms of media. I believe the idea of teaching then practicing is no longer an applicable way to teach students. In today’s age and beyond it will be about practicing and learning simultaneously.


Digital Filmmaking/Stop Motion Animation Instructor

Winter 2018 - Present

Age range:  9 years old to adult

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In conjunction with the Youth Filmmaking Contest


Workshops taught:

Stop Motion Animation

Digital Documentary Filmmaking Techniques